Introduction of Wenguang English Village

Under Alishan, there is a colorful castle. The king of the castle has sent an invitation to the fifth grade students of Chiayi county. At Wenguang International English Village (W.I.E.V.), we have many different scenario classrooms, such as the Airport, Airplane Cabin, Customs, Health Center, Hotel, Security Check, Restaurant, and Supermarket. Children will learn English in a realistic simulation taught by foreign English teachers. This will expose the students to different cultures.

We have also designed other lessons to further enrich the curriculum. The classes are "Green Screen", "Chiayi Culture", "Art", "Dance", "Broadcasting Car", "Science", and "Music". These classes are designed to capture the child's imagination and promote learning across the curriculum. We want them to love learning.

The last day of the E.V. will culminate in a memorable performance given by both the students and faculty, we hope that the students will come away with and enhanced motivation to succeed in the classroom and their daily lives. We want them to love learning. This will help them succeed in the future.

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