Head of Chiayi County Education Department

With the trend of towards globalization and fast development of network. English is an international language. There are many factors that affect English learning and a functional English environment is crucial. For example, teachers' guidance and going abroad can both develop students' English ability.

In Chiayi County, many children begin learning English in third grade, yet many of them don't have opportunities to go abroad. They seldom have chances to talk to native English speakers. English village provides different scenarios for students to learn and use English through interaction with native speakers.

Chiayi County government provides fifth- graders with the opportunity to experience five-day courses with both foreign and Taiwanese teachers in order to improve students' oral, listening skills as well as learning to feel confident taking care of themselves in an English environment.

In Chiayi Wenguang International English Village, students can practice English in a relaxed setting. In the airplane cabin classroom, students learn how to order an in-fight meal by communicating with the flight attendant. In the store classroom, students will buy items and pay for them. In the hotel classroom, students will learn how to check-in and check-out of a hotel. Students will gain a global perspectives and learn to accept other cultures and themselves by interacting with the foreign teachers. Furthermore, they will learn more their own hometown and themselves by being exposed to the culture class.

The English Village will provide a good environment for students to develop their language skills, help them to build their English ability and open their eyes to a whole new horizon.

Head of Chiayi County Education Department Wang, Jian-Long

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