Magistrate of Chiayi County

English is very important in today's age of free trade and globalization. This is because English is the international language of commerce and it is vital that Chiayi county and its children are not left behind. Taiwan must remain competitive internationally and in order to do that the children must be successful. Children are the future, and we want them and Taiwan to have a bright future. This is why Hua-Guan commissioned the remodeling of Wenguang elementary school in 2011, which was converted into Wenguang International English Village (WIEV).

Wenguang International English Village has a medieval theme. The King of Wenguang would like to cordially invite you to his castle. There we have certificated foreign English teachers and Taiwanese English teachers on staff. The teachers have designed immersive courses that allow the children to role play in a whole language environment. Students will experience many different scenarios. The restaurant scenario for example, allows the student to sit down, relax, and order a meal. In the airport they are whisked away to a foreign destination. In these types of settings the students will be motivated to learn English in a way that is different from the standard classroom environment. And it will provide the needed interaction with native speakers. It is our goal to keep students motivated long after their experience with us at WIEV.

We would like to thank the Formosa Plastics Group for their donations and effort to help the children of Chiayi County. Without their support and hard work, this project would not be possible. We would also like to thank all others that have contributed, and to their continued support, of this worthwhile project.

Wenguang International English Village is for the children of Chiayi. The children are the future of Taiwan and they will prosper. Taiwan will prosper.

the Magistrate of Chiayi County Chang, Hwa-Kuan

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